If you are looking for a path to good credit, you don’t need to take the road less traveled! With a Secured Visa® Card, you can establish or rebuild your credit history safely.


  • Request your own credit limit by providing a deposit between $300 and $5,000 (multiples of $50) when you apply, subject to credit approval
  • Enjoy the rewards of established or improved credit - you may be able to get your deposit back automatically in as little as 11 months when you maintain a good payment history with us, subject to credit approval
  • Plus, qualify for a credit limit increase without an additional deposit in as little as 7 months when you use your card and make regular, on-time bill payments, subject to credit approval.
  • Low $19 Annual Fee1
  • Offers variable rate

For additional information about Annual Percentage Rates (APRs), fees and other costs, see the Summary of Credit Terms for this product

Important Information

You must pay your entire statement balance (including all promotional purchase and balance transfer balances) by the due date each month to avoid being charged interest on new purchases from the date those purchases are made, unless your new purchases are subject to a 0% interest rate.

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